Make better decisions.
Boost e-mails satisfaction evaluations automatically to participants once the training programs are finished, and does a personal follow up on those who haven't answered to improve the response rate. With this information Boost then deploys the Satisfaction panel to help you identify your main improvement opportunities

Generate an action plan in minutes!
Improve your people's performance.
Determine the degree of job application and monitor how the participants improved their performance after each training program. The job application evaluation will allow you to identify which critical behaviors are actually being impacted, and which ones need to be strengthened.

Boost then interprets this information and indicates which individuals reached the proposed goals, which individuals need to improve and how much of this result can be attributed to the training program.
Work with the best.
Comparing the results achieved by each of your training providers will allow you to determine which of them are adding more value, so that you can define with whom to work with in the future.

In addition Boost provides a dashboard per training provider, which allows you to monitor how results are evolving in time and whether the given feedback has been translated into better training delivery.